opens up a new perspective on walking in the Cheviot Hills

at the heart of the Northumberland National Park








-The Big One (23 miles)            

-So Near Yet So Far (17.1 miles)

-The Ultimate Kidland Horseshoe (17.5 miles)

-High Above The Coquet (10.5 miles)

-The Three Valleys Of Cheviot (15.6 miles) 

-High Hills Rollercoaster (12.1 miles)

-Pennine Way Taster (12.1 miles)

-Four Cheviot Laws (12 miles)

-Upper Breamish & Beyond (16.7 miles)

-Forest & Fell (13.1 miles)

-Three Burns Horseshoe (11.8 miles)

-Hillforts & Heather Moor (11.3 miles)

-The College Valley & The Border Line (12.5 miles)

-The Harthope Valley Horseshoe (9.8 miles)

-The Threestoneburn Circuit (15 miles)

-Foray Into Scotland (12.6 miles)

-The Biddlestone Parish Round (8.6 miles)

-The Alwinton Round (11.1 miles)

-In The Shadow Of Cheviot (9.3 miles)

-Broadstruther Side Up (13 miles)

-Roman Connections & The Border Line (13.4 miles)

-The Alternative Hedgehope Hill Circuit (10.25 miles)

-The Muckle Cheviot Circuit (11.7 miles)

-The Old Yeavering Round (13.6 miles)

-The Rowhope Burn Circuit (7.8 miles)

-High Hills & The Salter`s Road (12 miles)

-The Usway Burn & A Figure Of Eight (15 miles)

-The Heatherhope Valley Circuit (11.4 miles)                  

-The Hogdon Law Ramble (9.5 miles)

-The Kirknewton Hillfort Circuit (7 miles)            

-The Trowup Burn Horseshoe (10.5 miles)

-The Halter Burn Border Round (5.7 miles)              

-A Windy Gyle Double (11.9 miles)                                        

-The Forgotten Hills of Alwinton (8.9 miles)   

-A Classic Border Circuit (9.4 miles)  

-A Waterfall By Any Other Route (13.4 miles)

-The Humbleton and Harthope Ramble (9.3 miles)   

-The Five Crags Walk (8.5 miles)    

-The Barrowburn Circuit (11.6 miles)    *NEW 2014*




-The Cheviot-More Than Just A Big Hill   

-Windy Gyle-Dual Nationality & A Dram Of Mountain Dew

-The Classic Cheviot Round

-Kidland-More Than Just A Deep Dark Forest

-Auchope Cairn: Northumberland`s Finest View?

-Cleughs, Burns, Sikes, Hills, Hopes & Haughs

-In The Footsteps Of William Ford Robertson

-Carey Burn & The Witch Of Switcherdown

-High Above The Breamish

-A Walk From Alwinton

-The Hillforts Trail in Winter 

-A Walk in Upper Coquetdale

-Walks from Wooler: A Personal Journey     




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Online since 01 January 2006 and, currently with more than 465,000 hits, this website is the leading free online resource for walking in the Cheviot Hills.  The website received a `Special Mention` in the `Welcoming Park` category of the Northumberland National Park Awards 2012. The contents, which can also be reached via www.cheviotwalks.org, were last updated on 23 July2014.