Whitley Bay, North Shields, Wallsend, Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Monkseaton, Royal Quays, Fish Quay, Tynemouth Castle, High Light, Low Light, St. Mary`s Island, Wislow Homer, Stan Laurel, John Gilroy, Gladstone Adams, Robert Westall, Harriet Martineau, Lord Collingwood, Sandcastles, Dolphin Mooring Post, Tyne Anew, Lightning Clock, Sea Dreamer`s Rest, Wooden Dolly, The Watch House, The Priory, Guiseppe Garibaldi, John Dobson, Maritime Chambers, Cliffords Fort, Rendezvous Café, Julia Darling, The Spanish City, Segedunum, Hadrian`s Wall, Thomas Burt, Thomas Brown ………………these are just a few of the places, people, buildings and works of art that helped to make North Tyneside what it is today.


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