Roundabout the Cheviots


The Lambden Burn





The articles in this section have previously appeared in Roundabout Monkseaton and its sister publication Roundabout Tynemouth. The articles, along with the accompanying photographs, are intended to give a flavour of a day walking in the Cheviot Hills and, although a detailed route description is not included in any of the articles, in most instances it is relatively easy to determine the route taken by the author. A copy of the relevant Ordnance Survey map on your desk top will help you along the way. It is hoped that the articles will inspire you to put on your boots and to follow, as best you can, in the footsteps of the author.





-The Shivering Stone

-The College Valley and The Schil

-Windy Gyle

-Buckham`s Bridge

-Wester Tor

-The Halterburn Valley

-Old Fawdon Hill

-Shillhope Law

-Shill Moor

-Picnics: A Place in the Sun       

-Braydon Crag & The B17 Flying Fortress                  

-Windyhaugh to Cocklawfoot    

-The Hills West of Wooler

-The Upper Breamish Valley